Email Marketing

Many businesses simply don’t have the time or expertise to fully handle their email marketing needs. When you choose Southern Magnolia Media to manage your email marketing campaigns, you save time, money, resources and, in some cases, the cost of another employee. We design and develop email marketing programs to efficiently keep customers engaged, boost brand recognition, increase conversions and sales, and nurture leads. 


Email marketing campaigns build familiarity and trust around a product or service. Our experts can design, build and supply an email template for brand-audience communication. We manage your email marketing campaign entirely to lead to dramatic shifts in your sales and profitability, and we work with you to compile a viable subscriber list to share your message with. 


With the advent of digital marketing, press releases are now a permanent part of your company’s public record, viewable by anyone at any time. Whether the goal is to improve brand image, expand public knowledge, or drive interest to your company, smart businesses of all backgrounds understand the impact of a well-worded press release. When the time comes for your business to touch the public, don’t trust your press release to anyone but the very best.