Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Promotions


Social Media Promotions are the use of exclusive offers on a brand’s social media channels that are strategically intended to raise consumer interest and influence purchase behavior. Social promotions differ from traditional marketing promotions in that they take advantage of digital technology, tapping into the social web’s exponential reach opportunity (i.e., Increased Reach = Increased Business Performance). 

Social Media Management



There’s no end point as to when brands are ever “finished” engaging with former, current and potential consumers. Community building is one of the reasons why social media management is so vital for brands of all sizes, encompassing day-to-day monitoring, audience segmentation, and the creation of content for drawing-in consumers from around the socialsphere.

Through a combination of discovery, research, strategic planning and the development of key metrics, it’s possible to effectively manage a community across all major social channels regardless of the industry a brand operates within.

Social Media Advertising


 If you build it, they will come! Unfortunately, this is just not true anymore when it comes to social media. In fact, you may be looking at it all wrong in the first place. You see, social media was never intended for marketers, it was designed to connect the world at scale and bring families and friends together at the intersection of technology. When these platforms were created, advertising was the last thing on the minds of these innovative entrepreneurs. However, like any business, it was essential for these social platforms to monetize their products and services to build sustainable growth. Since the dawn of advertising, brand marketers have invested significant financial resources into buying media placements for their ads, so why is there any doubt that it would be different for social media? Paid social media is your opportunity to ensure that you are speaking to your target audience and building authentic relationships, humanizing your brand. At Social Control we will work with you to integrate paid social media campaigns that work alongside your content marketing efforts and amplify your message, connecting you directly with consumers. 



The importance of creating compelling content for social media often goes overlooked—sometimes even by prominent brands. Content that has been strategically developed for social media from the ground up builds brand equity, creates psychological triggers for purchase behavior and humanizes companies across all spaces and industries. It is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial elements of success in today’s social landscape.

The key is to develop sophisticated ways to tell brand narratives that can help form lasting connections with consumers, and it all begins with crafting valuable and immersive content.



Just how successful is your brand’s social media program, anyway? To accurately measure the success of your social media efforts, it’s important to know what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to drive sales by acquiring and retaining new fans? Are you trying to increase brand awareness? We work closely with you to help establish specific goals and how they’ll be measured throughout the length of our engagement. Our social media agency measures the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts and communicates any unexpected findings within your social data that can be leveraged to optimize your social media strategy. Without informed measurement processes in place, these insights will go unnoticed, and you will miss out on opportunities to connect with your consumers in ways you may have never considered.